Here’s How You Can Lower Your Electricity Bills This Year


s the COVID-19 pandemic continues, a total of 42 million people have filed for unemployment insurance in the U.S. The unemployment rate has increased from its May 2020 value of 14.7%, leaving the large majority of Americans struggling to effectively manage their finances.

If you’ve been finding it hard to stay afloat during the ongoing crisis, there are luckily many ways to reduce your expenditures; lowering your electricity bills being one of them.

According to research, the average American household spends over $2,000 on utility bills each year, including the cost of heating, cooling, and electricity. With a few simple alterations, you can substantially lower your electricity bills and free up cash for other necessities or simply save up.

Here are some tips to help you get started!

1. Switch to Green Energy

modern home featuring solar panels

Green energy has quickly become one of the most effective ways to cut your electricity costs in half.

But what is green energy?

Also known as renewable energy, green energy does not release toxic greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. Unlike fossil fuels (nonrenewable energy sources), green energy plays a big role in reducing climate change, protecting the biosphere, and increasing overall household efficiency.

Common green energy sources include solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass energy.

We suggest switching to green energy by installing high-quality green energy systems. You can get in touch with professional green energy suppliers to determine the best option depending on your location.

The outcome? You’ll end up saving a ton of money and get a consistent source of energy that doesn’t deplete in the long run.

2. Daylight Saving to the Rescue

This simple but powerful trick goes a long way in lowering your electricity bills.

Bathe your house in natural sunlight to reduce overreliance on indoor lighting fixtures. We often cloak our homes in heavy curtains and end up using a ton of lights, which easily doubles the lighting section of our electricity bills. Instead, make the most of daylight saving to cut down on costs.

We suggest ensuring you have properly insulated windows (double-glazed low-E windows are a great option) to prevent overheating your home during hot summer months.

3. Switch to LED Lighting

modern kitchen featuring energy-saving and cost-effective LED lights

While turning off unnecessary lights is important, switching to more cost-effective lighting fixtures is equally essential.

Invest in LED lighting to lower electricity bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights use 75% less energy.

If you were to replace 20 regular incandescent lights with LED lights across your home, you could end up saving a whopping $3,260 over the course of their entire lifetime (approximately 23 years).

4. Cut Out Phantom Loads

While your appliances may not be in use, keeping them switched on can end up doing a lot of financial damage.

The term “phantom loads” refers to energy consumption by electronics that aren’t necessarily in use but are still sucking up a substantial amount of energy by staying plugged in.

In fact, an astounding 75% of the energy use per household is caused by keeping electronics on when they aren’t being utilized.

A simple fix? Turn your television, computer, kitchen appliances, and electronics off when not in use. You can plug these devices into power strips and simply turn the strips on/off as required.

Lower your electricity bills by consulting our expert green energy suppliers in Grapevine, Texas. We offer coast-to-coast solutions so your energy needs are taken care of across the nation.

With extensive experience as renowned gas and electric providers in America, we’re equipped with the expertise and technology to transform your home or office into an eco-friendly and cost-effective space that helps cut your electricity bills in half.

Call us at 682-266-2207 to get started; we’re always happy to help!

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