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Frequently Asked Questions

[01] - Are There Any Extra Charges Associated With Switching Electricity/Natural Gas Suppliers?

Generally, there are no charges when you change suppliers. Your previous supplier might ask for a termination fee—however, Ambit Energy doesn’t require any additional payments. In Texas, you might be required to pay an initial deposit that is usually refunded when you make consecutive bill payments. In certain cases, you’ll can even get the initial deposit waived altogether. You should get in touch with us to see how this process works.

[02] - Are There Any Service Interruptions When I Switch Suppliers?

Absolutely not. The transition from one supplier to another is a seamless process, with no supply interruptions as we make progress. In the rare event that you experience an interruption, Ambit Energy makes sure that you are not billed for that month. You can speak to us, or you can take a look at Ambit Energy’s Customer Satisfaction Guarantee to see what we’re talking about.

[03] - Will I Need To Pay Early Termination Fees If I Switch Back To My Previous Supplier?

There is no fixed answer to this question, it really depends on your Ambit Independent Energy Consultants. Clients in Texas sometimes have to pay early termination fees—however, this is almost unheard of in other states in the U.S. Ambit Energy really just focuses on making the transition easier for people and let’s the people decide which energy supplier to work with. It’s all part of the initial inspiration to deregulate the industry that Ambit Energy was founded on. As such, there are very few cases when you’ll have to pay an early termination fee—even if you do, it’s possible to get these waived altogether.

[04] - Are There Any Incentives Up For Grabs?

While Ambit Energy is an energy/natural gas supplier, it is also a multi-level marketing company. As such, the company offers a wide range of referral bonuses such as discounts and financial bonuses for getting your friends and family onboard with Ambit Energy. Whenever you get in touch with your Ambit Independent Energy Consultant, be sure to ask them about the perks that you can avail.

[05] - Is It Possible For Me To Become An Independent Energy Consultant?

Of course! Ambit Energy is a growing network of independent energy consultants who have made loads of money by becoming a part of the Ambit Energy. There is a massive list of advantages of becoming an independent energy consultant with Ambit Energy, and we can tell you all about it if you call us with your questions.